The story of a prison smuggler

Drones are seen as an increasingly popular method for smuggling drugs and mobile phones into prisons, but having prison staff bring in contraband is also an effective route for prisoners.

A conversation with a prison inmate about football led James Almond to break the law himself.

The then prison worker was chatting about his favourite team Manchester United, when the prisoner he was speaking to suddenly asked him to bring in mobile phones, which are banned behind bars.

“He kept asking daily, and become aggressive with things he’d say,” Almond says.

This was in 2014 when he was employed at Stocken Prison in Rutland.

The 33-year-old eventually agreed to bring phones in, and did so for a number of weeks before being caught, ending up in jail himself.

He’s now telling his story so others can understand the pressure he came under from the prisoner and how unprepared he was for dealing with it.

His case highlights the problem of staff corruption in prisons in England and Wales, a problem some believe is being swept under the carpet.

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