On this page you’ll find links to agencies, bodies, organisations and companies that will support your work in criminal justice.

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    “AMIMB provide a non-institutional link between individual IMB members for exchange of views and information, including with other organisations and people interested in prisons and making them better places.” [AMIMB member]
Independent Monitoring BoardsInside every prison, immigration removal centre and some short term holding facilities at airports, there is an Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) made up of independent, unpaid members of the public. Their role is to monitor the day-to-day life in their local prison or removal centre and ensure that proper standards of care and decency are maintained.

HM Inspectorate of PrisonsThe role of HM Inspectorate of Prisons is to provide independent scrutiny of the conditions for and treatment of prisoners and other detainees, promoting the concept of ‘healthy establishments’ in which staff work effectively to support prisoners and detainees to reduce reoffending and achieve positive outcomes for those detained and for the public.

Prisons and Probation OmbudsmanThe Prisons and Probation Ombudsman (PPO) carries out independent investigations into deaths and complaints in custody. The purpose of these investigations is to understand what happened, to correct injustices and to identify learning for the organisations whose actions they oversee so that the PPO makes a significant contribution to safer, fairer custody and offender supervision.
yjbYouth Justice BoardThe Youth Justice Board (YJB) work to prevent children and young people under 18 from offending or re-offending. We ensure custody is safe and secure, and addresses the causes of their offending behaviour.

hmpsHer Majesty’s Prison ServiceHer Majesty’s Prison Service (HMPS) keep those sentenced to prison in custody, helping them lead law-abiding and useful lives, both while they are in prison and after they are released.

NIPSNorthern Irish Prison ServiceThe Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS) is an agency within the Department of Justice. It is responsible for the operation and delivery of services within the Northern Ireland prison system.

HOImmigration Removal CentresThis page contains information on all of the Immigration Removal Centres (IRC) in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The page contains visiting times, what you need to bring, and how to book an appointment.
hmpsList of prisons in England and WalesHMPS’ Prison Finder has contact details for every prison in England and Wales, including an establishment map, probation area map, and search functions

 hmpsList of Young Offender InstitutesHMPS also provide a list of the eight Young Offender Institutes (YOI), as well as the three dedicated to young women.

clinksdirClinks’ Directory of Offender ServicesThe directory contains information about over 1000 organisations and projects working with offenders and their families. Enter a place name, organisation, or use the search filters provided to find the service you need.
nacroNacroNacro design and deliver programmes that equip people with the skills, advice, attitude and support they need to move their lives on and move away from crime.

prtPrison Reform TrustThe Prison Reform Trust (PRT) is an independent UK charity working to create a just, humane and effective penal system. They do this by inquiring into the workings of the system; informing prisoners, staff and the wider public; and by influencing Parliament, government and officials towards reform.

howardlHoward League for Penal ReformThe Howard League for Penal Reform is a national charity working for less crime, safer communities and fewer people in prison. They work with parliament and the media, with criminal justice professionals, students and members of the public, influencing debate and forcing through meaningful change to create safer communities.

clinksClinksClinks supports, represents and campaigns for the voluntary sector working with offenders. Clinks aims to ensure the sector and all those with whom they work, are informed and engaged in order to transform the lives of offenders.

unlockUnlockUnlock provides information, advice, training and advocacy, dealing with the ongoing effects of criminal convictions. Their staff and volunteers combine professional training with personal experience to help others overcome the long-term problems that having a conviction can bring.

helplineOffenders’ Families HelplineThe website and freephone line has information for families on all aspects of the criminal justice system in England and Wales from arrest through to release. 

newbrNewbridge FoundationFounded in 1956 to create links between the offender and the community, Newbridge offer a wide range of services to help prisoners keep in touch with the outside world and prepare themselves to re-join it.
Weekly Prison WatchThe Howard League for Penal Reform’s Weekly Prison Watch provides statistics on the latest prison population figures, five most overcrowded prisons, latest quarterly figures, and deaths in custody figures for the previous year.

Bromley Briefings Prison FactfileThe Prison Reform Trust’s Bromley Briefings Prison Factfile compiles and analyses data from across the prison estate, providing an insightful breakdown of the population in custody. It features every aspect of prison life, including staff performance, sentencing trends, reoffedning, parents and children, ethnicity and mental health.