Justice Minister speaks to Justice Select Committee

The Justice Secretary, Michael Gove, answered questions from the Justice Select Committee today.

The video link below will take you to the full hour and a half speech, so here are a few highlights:

  1. The rehabilitation revolution had been made difficult by circumstances in prisons, and reoffending rates aren’t improving.
  2. Michael Spurr (CEO, NOMS) has been impressive at reducing costs whilst safeguarding prisoners.
  3. Harris Review and HMIP report make challenging reading. Not willing to accept recommendations from Harris Review yet as waiting for answers to his own concerns
  4. Work and education in prison are influential in rehabilitation, and giving governors greater autonomy might address this.
  5. Advances in technology (tags, GPS monitoring) might convince the public that community sentencing can work.
  6. He linked violence in prisons directly to drugs in prisons.
  7. He believes young people in gangs are from ‘disrupted homes’.
  8. Discussions with the Department for Education about intervention and the numbers of ‘looked after’ children in the justice system.

Watch the full video (1:30hr) here