Briefing on new psychoactive substances in prisons

It is now clear that the UK market for New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) has grown to levels that give real public health concerns. The Government is proposing comprehensive legislation to address this and drug service providers are rapidly developing strategies and interventions that respond to the changing needs of their service users.

The challenges are particularly acute in prisons, where consumption of New Psychoactive Substances has become commonplace. The market for these substances is entrenched and associated with a range of threats to the health of prisoners, as well as to the stability of prison regimes.

This latest briefing from RAPt – the fourth in their series – summarises the experiences of RAPt staff in dealing with NPS in prisons. It explains our emerging strategies for minimising the impact that these new markets and patterns of consumption have, both on prison regimes and the welfare of staff and prisoners.

Download it here