Who we are

Our Annual General Meeting elects AMIMB’s Executive Committee which carries out the continuing business of the association during the year.


President Baroness Vivien Stern
Vice-presidents Professor Rod Morgan and His Hon John Samuels QC
Chair Christopher Padfield (Bedford) cjp1000@cam.ac.uk

Executive Committee

Sue Bird (High Down) sueloobird@aol.com
Helen Boothman (Littlehey) Secretary helenboothman@btinternet.com
Jenny Budgell (ex-Ashfield) jennystobyrumpole@btinternet.com
Angela Clay (East Sutton Park) angela.clay@amimb.org.uk
Anne Finlayson (Cookham Wood) phyzzy09@gmail.com
Tamsin Lucchesi (The Verne) tamsinlucchesi@hotmail.co